The PolyFam


Poly and Race: Poly & Boricua

In the second installment of our week on Poly and Race for the #PolyAnd Series, Elizabeth brings us the story of her Puerto Rican poly family from the Bronx, where love of family is EVERYTHING.

My name is Elizabeth. I am 30 years old, Puerto Rican, and I live a polyamorous lifestyle. I live in the Bronx in New York with my Triad: Katherine, my wife, and Francis, my husband. We have been together for 8 months. My sister, Maggie, is also in a triad with her husband, Ray, and her wife Lisa. Together our triads form a family unit we have come to call The Polyfam. As a Latina, it has been both challenging and rewarding living this life. But luckily for me and The Polyfam, the rewards have far outweighed the hardships. 

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