From Ranger: Thank You!

From Ranger - Thank You!

This weekend was awesome.

What I learned, and was amazed by, is that people from all over can come togethor with REALLY different backgrounds and still work toward a common goal.

As a relative newcomer to community organizing, I have heard horror stories of how Poly-Con's can go wrong and I was really amped at how well this Con went!

Some of us would likely not get along much less be friends but for our common goal. Because of this goal we set aside our differences and work as a team on a mission to educate the public about polyamory.

The fact that we could all set aside our differences and work in such a focused manner (we are poly after all!) was completely motivating to me. By the time I got home I was energized and walking on air with all sorts of ideas for further development in our community.

Thank you to everyone who helped me get to the conference this year.

Thank you for allowing me to tap into the wonderful energy and knowledge source that I found in my "Movers and Shakers" peers at the conference. <83


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