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by The Poly Man Whore
I don’t wear a wedding ring. I used to wear one. My ring is titanium and weighs something like minus 2 ounces. I don’t wear any jewelry at all, so having something lightweight and low-... + Continue reading

Web Comics

by Polyfi - A comic
We’ll get the rest of the comic up later today, unfortunately in all the rush to prepare for Calgary Comic Expo, the strip isn’t quite finished.   We’re at booth R01 in the... + Continue reading


by More Than Nuclear
A Wish for My Children, by Evangeline Paterson On this doorstep I stand,year after yearand watch you goingand think: May you notskin your knees; May younot catch your fingersin car doors. Mayyour... + Continue reading


by Pedestrian Polyamory
Shira and Gavin are talkin' casual sex. No, not how to get some casual sex, but where it fits into polyamory, and their own personal FEELINGS on the matter. Before that Gavin talks about his Poly... + Continue reading