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by Life on the Swingset
I’ll be honest; this blogging thing scares me a bit. Don’t get me wrong…I’m happy to be here. I love Life on the Swingset. I love my life on the swingset. A platform to unpack my thoughts, process,... + Continue reading


by monogamish
People that aren’t familiar with polyamory or open relationships always want to know about jealousy. “Don’t you get jealous?” “How do keep from becoming jealous?... + Continue reading


by From Monogamy to Something More. . .
I forgot to include a few things in my last post:Part of how The Work is so powerful is Byron Katie's encouragement that one "lives" the turnarounds. This includes making amends with those that you... + Continue reading


by Pearls and Pentagrams
“At my age,” the 9-year-old said to me in all seriousness, “I just feel like The Jungle Book is a little silly and childish.”   Ten minutes prior to this statement I had... + Continue reading


by Pearls and Pentagrams
Not long after I broke my arm last year I got a text from someone I’d started talking to when I met the Vanishing Act. Between the boredom and the Dilauded, we struck up a pretty good... + Continue reading