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by Opening Up
Sam Fuller, an Oakland high school student writing for Youth Radio, has penned a quite insightful piece on polyamory, jealousy, and evolution. Fuller’s interested in the subject stems from a... + Continue reading

Web Comics

by Polyfi - A comic
“The Horoscope According to Tiger Virgo (August 23-September 22) Stay pure and true… or not.  Live however you want, tigers don’t slut-shame. They will eat your face no matter what... + Continue reading


by Opening Up
How does one find childrens’ books and media that do not follow the stereotype of “happily ever after” monogamy? Technogeisha wrote a post at Life on the Swingset about her struggle... + Continue reading


by Poly Weekly
If you’re a busy professional woman, how do you make time to date and form more than one relationship? Download the mp3 directly 1:00 Announcements and host chat Congrats to friend of Poly... + Continue reading