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by Life on the Swingset
You might think that being non-monogamous would open up my options in terms of partners; that I wouldn’t have to be so selective, because I don’t need to find one person to encompass all of my... + Continue reading


by PolyTickle
Stranger in a Strange Land is one of my favorite books in the world. I picked it up for the first time four years ago, right after I had just been introduced to polyamory. I knew nothing about the... + Continue reading


by The Poly Man Whore
I love multiple-partner dates! Most of my partners’ partners are awesome people, and, naturally, we have a big something in common. So when we get the chance to go out and do something together... + Continue reading

Web Comics

by Poly in Pictures
Do you use the gender-inclusive title Mx? Have you ever been told by some organisation or some individual or other that Mx is not a “proper” title? Look no further, for you have found a... + Continue reading


by More Than Nuclear
Poly Means Many: There are many aspects of polyamory. Each month, the PMM bloggers will write about their views on one of them. Links to all posts can be found at www.polymeansmany.com. This month,... + Continue reading