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by Poly Weekly
Listeners, LustyGuy and Minx give advice on dating someone who is in a long-term relationship that is imploding Download the mp3 directly 1:00 Announcements and host chat LustyGuy tells a story... + Continue reading


by Caught in the Cogs
Everyone already knows what jealousy is, some of us more intimately than others, but compersion is “a state of empathetic happiness and joy experienced when an individual’s current or... + Continue reading


by Polyamory Practically
So, you are as prepared as you can be to have a conversation with someone who love and tell them that you are polyamorous/are in a polyamorous relationship/whatever your preferred identification. How... + Continue reading

Web Comics

by Polyfi - A comic
It’s always something… We’ve got a batch of Ninja Ferret and Mustaches Rule tshirts coming in, you should check out our store, and order stuff! + Continue reading


by Matt Bullen - Polyamory next door. To you.
 Vee is Edwin's mother. Terisa is his other mother. Here's what I mean, guv'nor:Vee and I are Edwin's parents. The three of us live as a family unit. Vee went through the exhausting intensity of... + Continue reading


by From Monogamy to Something More. . .
Read this and more on SexualityReclaimed!***I have been stressed out since my meeting with my professor. Luckily, I had social engagements planned beforehand for the weekend which all allowed me to... + Continue reading