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by Pedestrian Polyamory
Hot off the heels of OpenSF Gavin and Shira are here to decompress all over you. First Shira reveals the details of her next speaking appearance (*hint* CatalystCon ). Then the Katz' share the... + Continue reading


by Poly for You
I know I have talked about trust before and continue to express how important it is in any kind of relationship. But I saw this article today on a friend’s Facebook page about a new app that... + Continue reading


by Uncharted Love
What’s relationship success? Is your relationship a success or not, and how do you tell? How can you use “creative relationship design” to create a successful relationship tailored... + Continue reading

Web Comics

by Polyfi - A comic
“Tigers don’t care about your gender identity or sexual preference.  Underneath it all we’re just tasty, tasty meat.” Happy Pride Month!   _____________ Have you checked... + Continue reading


by Life on the Swingset
Hey, look! Shira found a virgin to interview, but before that starts listen as Shira and Gavin discuss some hate mail they received. Find out where the Katz' stand on the issue of dating people with... + Continue reading


by Pedestrian Polyamory
In this episode of Pedestrian Polyamory, Shira and Gavin talk about all sorts of great web sites and techie tools that poly folk can use to improve their lives. You'll find suggestions for scheduling... + Continue reading