Heads up - Changes in the Modern Poly Team

One of our founding members is going on tour.

We announce that Mai Li, one of our founding members, is beginning a leave of absence. Mai Li has overseen editing of the ModernPoly e-zine since its creation in 2009, and represented our team at 3 national poly conferences (Poly Living Philadelphia and Seattle in 2010, and Atlanta Poly Weekend in 2011) during her work here. Mai Li is also a working musician, and she's stepping back to prepare for her first national tour from January until March. We hope you'll join us in congratulating & supporting her in this big step for her music career!

Meanwhile, our voice-of-the-movement online magazine - a hub for writers from a variety of backgrounds - is a project we are dedicated to continuing at the level of quality our supporters, readers, and fans have come to expect. We have recently brought on a new team of editors to help increase our productive flow, and to make it easier for our volunteers to balance their personal lives and their passion for advocacy. The editors' team will be handling Mai Li's editorial duties in her absence. Please join us in welcoming our new editorial team: Aeryn, Alan, Evergreene, & Christine!
The wonderfully diverse Jess, our tech guru and original founding member, is acting as our managing editor (handling new writers and coordinating our editors and publishing schedule) in Mai Li's absence.
We continue to seek writers, editors, and other movers and shakers to support the polyamory movement and ModernPoly's mission.  If you are interested in writing for us, check out our guidelines and fill out our application for new writers. If you are interested in joining the editors' team (or volunteering in another capacity), contact us through our volunteer form.
Love (infinitely),
The ModernPoly Team

About the Author

Jessica Karels - Cheif Technical Officer - Active Contributor

Jessica is a writer, speaker, and workshop facilitator who is helping to bring about greater public awareness about polyamory. She is currently working on several creative projects locally and online, including her new blog (The Polyamory Pundit), and a webcomic (Not Quite Normal).

Jess is also one of the co-founders of Modern Poly, and currently serves as their Chief Technical Officer. She is in an open marriage with her husband of 10+ years.