Call for Submissions: The #PolyAnd Series in August!

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August is identity & diversity month on ModernPoly! Our monthlong series on intersectionality, #PolyAnd, starts August 6 with Poly And Race. Mai Li fills us in on all the details!

These last couple of weeks, we've been seeing a pretty big upswing in

volume on conversations on polyamory, and it's no surprise-- between

the recent release of the movie Savages two weeks ago, featuring a

healthy non-monogamous V for the romantic storyline, and the premiere

of the new Showtime series, Polyamory: Married and Dating, we're

suddenly getting a lot of visibility in the mainstream media. It's got

everyone talking, and we all have a lot to say!


One of the biggest complaints so far from the polyamorous audience, tho, isn't that the portrayals are negative or false (which is a great first!)... it's that the relationships aren't really representative of us, because they're not diverse. They're white. They're pretty decently well-off financially. They're mostly straight. They're cisgendered, and for the most part, present in traditional gender roles. While what we're hearing form our fans is definite excitement that we have some positive portrayals in pretty high visibility right now, we're also hearing a lot of growing concern that people who have never been exposed to non-monogamy before will see it as something only the rich or privileged can have or do, and that's something we *are.*


But that's simply not true. And in the month of August, we will be incredibly busy proving it.



This August, ModernPoly's ezine is proud to announce a month-long focus poly identity and diversity. Beginning August 6, we will launch the #PolyAnd Series: 4 weekly sets of pieces from a wide variety of writers on intersectionality between different aspects of their identity on their take on polyamory or non-monogamy, and perspectives from people who sit in a broad spectrum of places. We'll cover:



Aug 6: Poly And Race/Culture (Submission deadline: Fri Aug 3)

We're not all white, and we're going to hear from some great writers

of color to get the conversation started.


Aug 13: Poly and Politics (Submission deadline: Fri Aug 10)

Did you know? The original board of ModernPoly contained a Democrat,

an Independant, a Libertarian, a Tea Party member, and left-wing Liberal. There is no party "for" polyamory in American politics, and we're all across the board.


Aug 20: Poly And Gender Identity (Submission deadline: Fri Aug 17)

Some people argue that the relationship in the recent movie Savages is unrealistic because "no bro would ever share their woman." But the argument about whether sharing is masculine is bigger than that-- it's really a conversation about how polyamory and gender interplay. Poly is more than just the traditional idea of one man, many women. There are many kinds of people with all sorts of relationships to gender (cis, trans*, binary or non-binary, "traditional" or non-, and more) who prefer to love polyamorously.


Some people argue that the relationship in Savages is unrealistic because "no bro would ever share their woman." But There are many people with all sorts of relationships to gender (be they cis or trans*, binary or non-binary, and so on) who prefer to love polyamorously.


Aug 27: Poly And Religion (Submission deadline: Fri Aug 24)

It's not just for Pagans! (Or mormons!) There are Buddhists, Jews,

Athiests, Christians, and many more who have chosen to keep their

faith and their polyamory too. We'll hear from Polys of Faith this

week talk about how their love of the divine and their community

interfaces with their romantic life.



And, of course, we need you to make this happen!


*Do you know someone who's a good fit to write? Tell them to submit to us here! (make sure to mention The Poly And Series!)

*Do you have a great idea that you think would fit into this series? Tell our Chief Editor:

*Spread the word!


Time is of the essence! All deadlines for submissions is NO LATER THAN

FRIDAY before each series launches. That means our first deadline

for Poly And Race is Fri, Aug 3rd! So spread the word, get writing, and

show us what the national poly community is made of!


Love (infinitely),

ModernPoly <83


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Mai Li - Chief Publications Officer - Active Contributor

Mai Li has been introducing others to polyamory for over a decade, and working to build community for polys under 40 since 2008. Her goal: to bring a poly subculture to fruition built on the intersection of their diverse values and interests, that celebrates their diversity and unique sexual and relationship identities, both as individuals and as a group.